After Facebook, they denounce Google for violating the privacy of their users -


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Wednesday, 23 May 2018

After Facebook, they denounce Google for violating the privacy of their users

Little by little, users are taking privacy more seriously , or how technology and communication companies handle our most sensitive data. Many times we are not aware that after accepting certain conditions for the use of an app we are giving consent for issues that border on legality.

The issue is that, following the scandal of Facebook and Cambridge Analytica , which led to the CEO of the company before the US Congress, a group has emerged in the United Kingdom that will take Google before the courts for the way in which collected data from iPhone users between 2011 and 2012.

The crux of the matter
All this controversy is preceded by the way in which this data was collected, illegally according to the group, since these iPhone users surfed the Internet while the Mountain View giant collected personal data from users based on browsing history and locations .

Apparently, Google omitted the restriction provided by Safari since 2015 to avoid third-party cookies and prevent the collection of this data. Anyway, the group already includes more than 4 million users and calls itself Google You Owe Us , which comes to mean, "Google owes us one".

The amount that could receive each user who has sued could be about 750 pounds sterling, about 847 euros or about 19,725 Mexican pesos. Google has denied these accusations of information gathering , but the battle is in the air. The team of lawyers that has managed to bring this group together continues with the demands, which in case of victory would not be so much an economic blow for a company of such caliber, but as a moral victory of David 

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