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Saturday, 12 May 2018

Another day, another new reason not to go from iPhone to Android

With Google I / O 2018 and the release of the beta version of Android P, Android phones seem to have discovered the wheel with gesture navigation that we have been enjoying in iOS for half a year on the iPhone X.

However, with Android P also come many other news that the truth be told, we would like to see in iOS 12 , especially those that have to do with artificial intelligence as is the possibility that Mail writes us emails, smart photo retouching and above all, that Siri is able to stand up to Google Assistant .

But well, of all these news that land on Android P can enjoy only a few, because given the huge fragmentation of the Android environment , the wonderful Samsung top of the range without going any further are still waiting for your ration of P. Wait while sitting .

We must recognize that Android P is great and even then, I would not change my iPhone for an Android phone for anything in the world . Not even in spite of iOS 11, the operating system with more errors and bugs than you remember .

Android is the most popular operating system for long and in recent times things are doing well, but the Apple ecosystem continues to offer a user experience so superior, so light and simple , that it is very difficult for someone to leave the bitten apple .

Yes, this week as always we have told you about new models that copied the notch of the iPhone X and even the reasons for doing so. But it's not that most manufacturers do not even bother to think about their own designs. But it's not a matter of both hardware - where Apple plays in another league with its optimal resource management - and software .

These days we read once again a threat that hovered over Android devices , the umpteenth. And although Android dresses in silk, Android stays. Regarding security, Apple is still light years away.

Android advocates love to boast about that flexibility and freedom that an operating system gives them that sometimes does not fit their devices, that is not updated because it is not compatible or that leaves the door open for threats to enter. varied

It is not that Apple is more rigid, that it is, is that Apple does not let anyone enter the App Store. And if for whatever reason a malware app manages to access and find a fissure, in a few days a patch will be launched that will install most of the iOS devices. No, Zoopark would never have happened on iOS .

ZooPark reads WhatsApp and Telegram conversations ... if you have Android

And what is Zoopark? For a threat of the most terrifying, considering its field of application. As explained in ZDNET, Zoopark is able to read conversations of messaging apps such as WhatsApp and Telegram , access the call log, audios, photographs, calendar contacts.

Kaspersky, the security company known to everyone for its famous antivirus, has warned of this threat, ensuring that it is the most sophisticated malware they have ever seen .

If you have an iPhone, you can rest easy. The recommendation of the security company is not to install apps from unknown sources. Ours is clear: if you want to maintain the security and privacy of your phone, choose iPhone . 

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