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Sunday, 20 May 2018

Apple could launch a cheap HomePod under the signature Beats

Despite the more than discreet sales that Apple has harvested with the HomePod , it does not seem willing to abandon the device to its fate, and not only that, it seems willing to launch a second version to the market, although that with some change more than Interesting At the moment, and according to several rumors, everything points to the HomePod 2, although almost certainly this will not be its final name, it will be released under the Beats brand.

At least that is clear from several leaked reports, which say that Beats would have much to do with the new HomePod, which could have a design very similar to the first version, but without Siri incorporated , something that Apple does not want to see in other devices that are not your own brand.

HomePod from Apple and HomePod from Beats, a feasible reality 

We could get to see in the market a HomePod, under the signature of Beats, and a HomePod under the signature of Apple , because according to all the rumors, in Cupertino is working at forced marches in the second version of the device. This could have a lower price , thanks mainly to the efforts of MediaTek, which would incorporate cheaper components that would cause the final price of the device to be greatly reduced.

It is also rumored with the possibility that Beats' new HomePod has a close relationship with AirPlay 2 , although it may still be too much to venture into a project that we know practically nothing about today.

Of course, at the moment there is no official confirmation of all this and are just rumors , that with the passage of days could be on paper. 

As we have already said, HomePod sales have been approximately 600,000 units , a figure very far from the forecasts , or the Echo that Amazon sold, but it seems that they have not discouraged Tim Cook's kids, who are convinced that It is a device with a future. For this, they are already preparing HomePod 2, which could reach the market under the umbrella of Beats, Apple itself, or even the two companies.

Do you think Apple should strive to launch a new HomePod on the market or that it is a market where it has little to say?

Via | 9to5mac 

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