Apple downgrades the only super-fast charging cable that exists for iPhone -


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Wednesday, 23 May 2018

Apple downgrades the only super-fast charging cable that exists for iPhone

Apple has just reduced the price of the cable with which you can charge the super fast iPhone . That on the other hand you can not get anywhere other than an Apple Store. We are talking about the USB-C cable to Lightning connector.

This year's iPhone includes fast charging, but unfortunately does not include the necessary power adapter . To make use of this super fast charge we need the USB-C to Lightning cable and the MacBook power adapter .

This cable was until today more expensive than the normal cable that we all know. But Apple just downgraded it to leave it at the same price.

The super fast charge of the iPhone will now be somewhat cheaper
The price until today was 29 euros. The discount is not that much, but now we can buy it for 25 euros directly on the Apple website . Remember that it is the only place where we can find it.

As usual, we have several options depending on the length, the cheapest is 1 meter. This cable counts on the one hand with the already known Lightning connector. On the other, it uses a USB-C connector , which is the port found in the new MacBooks and the latest Android phones.

Being the only port that we find in the last MacBook, it is an essential purchase for those who have one . Since you can not connect your iOS devices to your computer without stable.

The cable of the future iPhone
We have already seen that the next iPhone leaked will have an adapter for super fast charging. We will manage to charge half of the battery in only 30 minutes . This adapter has a USB-C input, so this cable will necessarily be included with the new iPhone and iPad that Apple sells this 2018.

This can be a change that does not please everyone either. Apple will be criticized equally. There are not many users with computers with USB-C ports currently. So to connect the iPhone to your older computer you will need another cable or an adapter. But the future for Apple is this new port and the normal thing is that it reaches the iPhone's cable

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