Apple leaks by mistake the HomePod launch to more new countries -


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Friday, 4 May 2018

Apple leaks by mistake the HomePod launch to more new countries

According to 9to5Mac , a few hours ago Apple uploaded a strange document to its website where the available HomePod languages ​​appeared. Among them, it would appear as it could not be less English, but also French, German and Japanese .

Three new languages ​​suggesting the imminent launch of Apple's smart speaker in more countries . So far, HomePod is only available in the United States, the United Kingdom and Australia.

Apple itself had previously announced that the HomePod would be launched in France and Germany during the spring, so the only novelty is the incorporation of Japan and that could occur in a matter of days .

This document appeared in the Downloads section, but is no longer on the Apple website, which is probably an error of the page managers . Something very strange

In any case, if this theory is confirmed, the arrival of HomePod to more countries would be good news, although in Spain and Latin America we still have no news about its launching at our borders .

HomePod, Apple's most risky product

The HomePod has started its journey in the sector of intelligent speakers with lights and shadows . On the one hand, surprising for the quality of its sound but on the other, the limitations of Siri, its incompatibilities or its price - which seems somewhat high compared to the competition - are some serious handicaps that suggest that maybe it is not selling so well as Apple expected .

During the last periodic appointment to review the figures of Apple, Tim Cook passed well above the HomePod , which suggests that in Cupertino are not very satisfied with the results . So much so, that rumors sound of the launch of a HomePod low cost this year. 

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