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Tuesday, 29 May 2018

Apple plans to develop an iPhone with a touch screen on its sides

Apple seems to be exploring the possibility of developing a new terminal that completely revolutionizes the technology market .

The company could contemplate going beyond the OLED Infinity screen of the iPhone X to give future devices a screen that would completely surround the front of the terminal. That is, offering also a touch screen on the side bezels .

A new Apple patent indicates all the data and information about this curious device. Are we facing the possible iPhone of the future?

How the new patent of the future Apple iPhone works

In order to design an iPhone with a touch screen with curves and touch panels on the side bezels, the company could use a transparent casing combined with a flexible panel .

Said panel could be able to display visual contents "in any area of ​​the transparent casing". Apple suggests using two user interfaces , one for the central part and one for the peripheral areas.

This technology would eliminate the need to use physical buttons on the side bezels of the iPhone, which certainly can not access third-party applications. In this way, Apple would create a world of possibilities for developers and for their own mobile operating system.

An Apple patent presented in 2015 already showed us an iPad with side bezels that had touch functions to control some features on the screen.

In the images of the new patent, Apple describes how a user could use functions such as scrolling, access additional menus and even turn on and / or turn off the device through the touch screen of the sides.

As you can imagine, having a touch screen on the side bezels of an iPhone would offer all kinds of new functions to users, similar to the functions of the Touch Bar of the MacBook Pro.

Via | Apple Insider

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