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Thursday, 17 May 2018

Apple will replace the batteries of your old MacBook Pro

Good news for all owners of a MacBook Pro with a few years, and is that Apple has begun to communicate to the Apple Store and some authorized stores, which is available again the possibility of changing the battery of MacBook Pro mid-year 2012 and early 2013 with Retina display.

For more than a year this possibility had not existed officially, due to the lack of stock of batteries. Today, and always according to official information, Cupertino can now replace the MacBook Pro batteries of all versions available in the market, at a replacement price of $ 199 , which is the usual price.

What are the peculiarities of the MacBook Pro battery?

Not that Apple did not want to change the batteries of the MacBook Pro, but have the peculiarity that they are stuck in the upper case, which complicates the entire process very much . First, the battery situation directly influences other components such as the keyboard, which may not convince you at all or the touch panel.

The only way to change the battery, at least in a totally optimal way, is by changing all the affected parts as well . This makes the battery change a complicated process that is not easy to assume since not only do you need to make a battery but many other components, which must be replaced afterwards.

How can you tell if the battery in your MacBook Pro needs to be replaced

Now that Apple has officially replaced the battery of several models of MacBook Pro , it is not necessary to know if the time has come to replace ours . For this, a simple check will suffice.

The batteries of these devices are lithium, which over time lose their load capacity . If you need to have your MacBook Pro connected to the current to be able to use it, you should know that it is time to change its battery.

You can also follow the steps below, so that it is the device's own system information that tells you if you should change the battery or not for a new one;

1) Click on the Apple logo in the menu bar of your computer
2) Select the option "About this Mac" and then "System information"
3) Now we will select the option "Energy" and then "Health" to check the status of the battery

In the event that the message is "Battery Service" we should start thinking about going to an Apple Store or official specialized service for the replacement of the battery that has reached its end.

Via | cultofmac 

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