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Friday, 25 May 2018

Beats Decade Collection: specifications, price and launch

As the date of June 4 approaches, the day that the WWDC will begin, in which we will know Apple's guidelines for this year , we will know more. And as we have anticipated , the headphone Beats will be the first of the items renewed to be presented, probably that same day. We will not know yet if they will give shelter to the new economic HomePod .

Apple bought Beats in 2014 for the negligible amount of 3,000 million euros and represent a strong income for the brand, since there are many idols of young people who wear them, footballers, racing drivers, influencers ... They are very desirable, and they are not exactly economic.

And why do you know this? Very simple, one of the most important online stores, BestBuy , already advertises them on its website, and interestingly, it gives as an availability date on Monday, June 4 , which coincides with the WWDC.

What we know

Well, there are 5 different headphones with different specifications. What stands out are elegant red and black colors, with inscriptions that highlight the ten years of the brand . In fact, a breakthrough line that provides a mix between exclusivity and carefreeness.


It seems that we are facing a special edition that will not come to offer improvements in terms of the already high specifications to which we are accustomed. Therefore, if you are a mythomaniac and want to have access to these special editions, it is best to visit the Apple Store on the first Monday of June . Aesthetic and commemorative change, so it can be a good opportunity for those users who want to launch themselves for the first time.


The range goes between the 99 dollars of the urBeats3 in lightning version or 3.5 mm, and they are in-ear type to the 349 dollars of the Beats Studio 3. As intermediate models, the BeatsX for 149 dollars, PowerBeats3 for 199 dollars and the Beats Only 3 for $ 299. The 2 most expensive are headband type and offer wireless technology. It seems that the cost of these jewelry for the ears is maintained .

Therefore you should pay attention and mark in red in the calendar that date, if you want the new edition of Beats, known as Decade Collection and that pays homage to that 2008 in which they began to be sold in Taiwan.

Via | BestBuy

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