Congratulations, talkers: Fortnite is updated with voice chat and more! -


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Thursday, 31 May 2018

Congratulations, talkers: Fortnite is updated with voice chat and more!

New update of Fornite for iOS. The fashion game is updated with important improvements to remain the number 1 . Version 4.3 has been released today and you can download it on your iPhone or iPad.

It seems that the results your game is giving are excellent and Epic Games is launching an update per week . This update includes the first vehicle: shopping cart . The carts will be scattered throughout the game in different places. Players can push themselves or climb and have a partner help them.

News Fornite 4.3 for iOS

As we told you, the app for iOS has been updated today to version 4.3. So you can download it from the App Store . These are the novelties that it includes.

Voice chat Now players can activate voice chat in the settings to talk with the group. One of the most demanded novelties by all Fortnite players.

Customizable controls Epic Games has improved the custom controls of the game by following the opinions and comments that players have been leaving.

Stability improvements and error correction.

General corrections to touch input have been implemented to allow "many" fingers.

The trajectory indicators no longer appear when entering the injured state . Now the health quantity of supplies deliveries is updated correctly when receiving damage.

Fixed a bug that caused players to not be able to download Fortnite even with enough storage space.

An error has been corrected that when you touch the quick access bar when you can change the weapon, the wrong weapon in the inventory will get stuck .

All these improvements are now available to users. A few hours ago the servers were closed but they are available again to play . By the way, do not miss the best tricks to be a professional . What are you waiting for?.

What do you think about the Fortnite news for iOS?

Via | Epic Games

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