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Sunday, 20 May 2018

Download Bubbles, because when you do pop there is no stop

There are games that despite having a simple mechanics, they can not stop playing . One of them is the one that occupies us today and that takes by name Burbujitas, and comes from the hand of Pine Street Codework. Very simple mechanics, we recommend that you take a look at our article and values ​​later download.

And is that soap bubbles always have something hypnotic , a mixture of relaxation, delicacy and how we stay before them when we see them explode. Because we have all been children and we keep these sensations in our memories.

Bubbles, what does it consist of?

The game has no complications whatsoever, it is simply about joining groups of up to 4 bubbles of the same color so that they can explode and move forward . It is, if you allow me the analogy, as a kind of liquid Tetris, although you do not have to fit pieces, just join bubbles of colors to keep moving forward .

And it is that you have levels to bore, there are 170. And of course, the complexity that can be reached is very high and in many cases you can see yourself in a hurry, your brain must go to more. Although the best part of the game is that you can practice it without any pressure , you can go at your own pace and turn the game experience into something relaxing . Although of course, if the march goes you can do the challenges that are proposed, you always have at hand some clues, and that will lead you to reach 35 different goals.

And in addition to that, you find different creatures like starfish, small fish crabs to free them from bubbles. It is not a game that leaves you open-mouthed in terms of graphics, which are simple and do not intend to go further, but the game experience is very positive .

Burbujitas like, my valuation

The game entertains, and a lot. The truth is that you quickly realize how addictive it can be, and if we join the environmental music of aquatic nature, remind me of certain passages to nineteenth-century Impressionist works, we can value Burbujitas as a very fun experience . Eye, for children and adults.

The price of the game is 3.49 euros, although the best thing is that when you buy it you do it completely, without added purchases or annoying micropayments . Compensates? Yes, definitely, for the price of a snack you have a very recent game and above all, hilarious.

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