Filtered the photo of the display of a new iPhone: is it the iPhone 9 or iPhone X Plus? -


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Friday, 25 May 2018

Filtered the photo of the display of a new iPhone: is it the iPhone 9 or iPhone X Plus?

Although Ming-Chi Kuo is no longer with us to filter bombs - tranquility, has not died, it just does not cover the current affairs of Apple -, his voice is still a reference in this world. Thus, most of the media believe in their theory that Apple will launch three iPhone this 2018 : a second generation iPhone X, the iPhone X Plus and a cheap iPhone that could well be called iPhone 8s, iPhone 9 or who knows ... until iPhone SE 2. Quite a mystery.

What we know so far about the 2018 iPhone

As a summary, these would be its characteristics:

The second-generation iPhone X would retain its dimensions and notch , although components such as the processor, the battery and probably the Face ID would probably be improved. It is anticipated that it will be in 2019 when Apple improves the TrueDepth camera and reduces the notch , but not before.

The iPhone X Plus would be the most premium terminal of the 2018 keynote. This model would have the same design as the current one except for one important detail: its dimensions would be those of the iPhone 8 Plus . By having a 6.5-inch OLED screen. As with the iPhone Xs, an update is expected by integrating the powerful A12 chip .

And this is where the surprises come: Apple would launch a low cost iPhone with the same design as the current iPhone X but with another more affordable configuration. This version would have a 6.1-inch LCD screen and a single camera that would make possible a much cheaper price of approximately $ 550 .

This is what Kuo predicted at the time based on its sources in the Apple assembly line, which is located in Asia. Well, a certain Mr. White - Quentin Tarantino's Reservoir Dogs - has uploaded a photo with the legend "OLED screen of the 6.1-inch iPhone X", which obviously contradicts Kuo's predictions. Beyond the name that is still unknown, White says that Apple's cheap phone display technology will be OLED and not LCD . Only one of the two can be right.

LCD or OLED? IPhone 9 or iPhone X Plus?

There is something clear, if Apple launches an iPhone this 2018 at a price of 550 dollars , it is not possible to integrate an OLED screen. So either one of you is missing your predictions or maybe Mr. White is just showing us the 6.5-inch screen of the iPhone X Plus. After all, they are only 0.4 inches apart. Or that you can not distinguish the OLED LCD. Or that it is a hoax.

But if you have to bet on someone, the reputation of the former KGI Securities analyst is unbeatable, especially when we talk about Apple gadgets made in Asia. We insist: there will be a cheap iPhone 9 and it will have an LCD screen .

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