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Friday, 18 May 2018

Find my Apple Watch: how to activate it and configure it

Just a few days ago, we talked about how the Apple Watch is prepared to warn its users about anomalies in their heart rate, which can be caused by certain serious ailments. However, it is not necessary to suffer from any disease to see how our pulse accelerates. We just have to think of a situation in which it is very likely that we can not recover something as precious as our Apple Watch .

For this reason, today we bring you a tutorial so that, in the hypothetical and very unlikely event that something like this happens, at least you can be sure that your watch will not be able to be used . And all this is possible thanks to the activation lock.

What is activation blocking? 

The activation lock is a security system designed to link the device to an Apple ID that the user has previously indicated. In fact, this system is activated by default at the first start of the device, after registering or logging in with our iCloud account. A gesture as simple as that, can be of great help when it comes to preventing a criminal from using a stolen device , something that is already achieved since its launch.

After making this link, no one can reset the device and use it without the password of our Apple account. Thus, the Apple Watch would only remain as a nice paperweight thanks to this free service that Apple offers us in all its mobile devices, although today we will focus on the company's smart watch.

How to check if the activation lock is activated 

As we mentioned before, the activation lock is activated by default in the device after being turned on for the first time, so that it remains protected from the beginning. However, it never hurts to verify that the function is activated correctly, something you can do from your iPhone, or any computer with internet connection.

From the iPhone

The easiest way to know if a watch is protected or not, is by using the Find my iPhone application. This app is designed to indicate all the devices that are linked to the iCloud account and that have activated the functionality, including activation blocking. For this reason, if it is still installed on your phone, you will only have to go to the Watch app> Information > Search for my Apple Watch .

If your Apple Watch has activated the activation lock, you can see it in the list of devices that will appear after entering your iCloud password. In addition, you can also block it remotely, play a sound, or delete it. as we explain in this post about the application.

From a computer

In order to obtain this information from a computer, we will have to go to the iCloud website. There we can access the web version of Find my iPhone, from where we can see the devices that have activated the activation lock. We just have to click on the tab at the top, where it says All devices. Again, we will have the possibility to execute the same options as in the iPhone and iPad application.
How to activate the activation lock

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