France prohibits children's trips to the Apple Store, what's the problem? -


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Monday, 21 May 2018

France prohibits children's trips to the Apple Store, what's the problem?

Can you imagine hiking to any of the 11 Apple Store that the company owns in Spain? Well it is not something chimerical, but a reality that has recently been banned in the neighboring country , France, as reported by the Vozpopuli media . The reasons? At the moment unknown, although it may have to do with the wishes of the French administration to culturalize children in another way.

And it is that going cultural visit is possible. Imagine children fiddling with iPads, pounding MacBooks and taking selfies with an iPhone X. Or maybe the image would be that of children experimenting and testing the products in a regulated manner? I am inclined to think that it could be the second .

It should be remembered that Apps has an educational section with a lot of character, more than 40 years have been in this field and the results are exceptional. In my particular case I work in an educational center that implemented teaching with iPad in 2015.

What can be done with students in an Apple Store?

And as we are shown in the section of the Apple website where these visits are arranged, they are not static at all. Both students and teachers immerse themselves in experimentation , in creating projects, in expressing themselves. And not only is the student body, the teacher also has the opportunity to train, answer questions and take ideas that are then applied in the classroom.

Because the trips promise to be different depending on the group you visit, for Apple there are not two equal courses . These tours last between 60 and 90 minutes, and previously the responsible teacher must have filled out a form with the characteristics of those students and what they want to work, if they are interested in addressing the Mac or the iPad.

These visits are adapted according to the ages of the patients, from 5 years old they can discover what is an Apple device and start experimenting, being the age limit up to 16 years, although in addition to this there are visits for groups of adult students.

So, is France wrong in prohibiting these visits? Is the education section an opportunity to sell? It is obvious that yes, there is no doubt, but if you immerse yourself in how they do things in the educational field in Apple , you understand that with them things tend to work very well, without despising what can be done in a traditional way. 

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