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Thursday, 10 May 2018

Google Assistant humiliates Siri with 6 new voices and a lot of artificial intelligence

The event of Google developers started yesterday and the great G has already surprised us with a series of fantastic news in the form of software and services. Among them, the Google I / O 2018 has surprised with everything new that comes for Google Assistant, which was already better than Siri but now leaves the virtual assistant at the height of mud and Apple with a lot of work to do .

Google Assistant has increased its capabilities, is present in more and more devices and its artificial intelligence seems simply smarter, because it contextualizes more and better . Apple is good at innovating and making phones, but today the best of artificial intelligence is brewing in Mountain View .

Without going any further, yesterday we witnessed how Google Assistant made a call to a hairdresser to make an appointment . And not only did he do it well, but also nobody realized he was a robot and not a human. Afterwards, he did the same by reserving a table in a restaurant and although he did not succeed, it was not because of his failure, but because they did not accept such small reservations.

Apple, take note: Everything that Google Assistant can do and Siri can not

In essence, Android users can get their assistant to make a call that sounds natural and fulfills its purpose .

Google Assistant is able to ask multiple questions in a single sentence, differentiate if they are addressing the assistant or another person in the same room and even call the order so that we can recover the good habit of saying "thank you" and "for please . "

As if that was not enough, which is not, Google has added 6 new voices to the virtual assistant among which includes the singer John Legend .

Now take your iPhone and try any of these things are Siri ... if we are still waiting for you to understand several things in a single sentence or that is compatible on Mac! Not to mention that in day to day, Siri falls short. Of course, you can always use Google Assistant on your iPhone .

We hope that Apple puts the batteries with iOS 12 and renew from top to bottom to Siri. Interestingly, Siri was the first virtual assistant but today is far behind the rest, which is why Apple recently hired the artificial intelligence manager at Google . 

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