Google develops the next big viral game boasting artificial intelligence -


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Tuesday, 8 May 2018

Google develops the next big viral game boasting artificial intelligence

First it happened with the hilarious Flappy Bird, then with Pokémon GO , a little later it happened with Fortnite Battle Royale , and now it will happen with Emoji Scavenger Hunt , the new viral game from Google.

The company has developed an entertaining game of artificial intelligence in which players must find objects in the real world that previously requested the game.

For example, if the game Emoji Scavenger Hunt asks you to find the emoji of a slice of pizza, you will have to direct the camera of your mobile phone to a real pizza to get to the next stage.

How to play Emoji Scavenger Hunt on your iPhone

The new Google viral game is available at . The only thing you should do to start playing is to enter the web page from your iPhone's browser and click on the purple button "Let's Play".

Each time you manage to find one of the objectives of Emoji Scavenger Hunt, your time limit will be increased for the next phase . More than a game we could call it a small artificial intelligence experiment by Google. And is that the system of recognition of the game is not perfect, still has some small failures.

But experiments like this are a great example of how artificial intelligence functions like object recognition are finding their way into the world of video games. It is a good example of how players can interact with a camera to play. It also serves as a good reminder of the news that Google will present during its I / O conference for developers , which will take place this week.

We have already tried Emoji Scavenger Hunt on our iPhone, and the truth is that we loved it. It is fun! And what do you think of the new Google viral game?

Via | The Verge 

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