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Tuesday, 22 May 2018

How to delete duplicate photos on your iPhone or iPad: 2 different modes

Our devices have gone from being mere mobile phones to real mobile computers with multiple functions. And yet it is very common to find a problem too frequent, the accumulation of hundreds of photographs or even screenshots.

And not only keep them in the devices, eliminating and reducing the vital space for so many things, but in the services in the cloud as Mega, Dropbox, Google Photos or the Fototeca of iCloud . It happens to all of us at certain times that we accumulate duplicates, and if you still have a device with little capacity, the issue becomes tricky. Delete to continue capturing, an authentic nightmare that has no reason to be . Do you want to know a couple of expeditious methods to end it? Keep reading to know more.

Remove duplicate photos in these two ways

The classic method: manual

The heaviest, tedious and boring, especially if you have photos for 3 years. Open the Photos application and in the upper right corner you will see the Select heading. Click on it, choose the photos you want to get rid of and click on the trash icon . Go directly to the Deleted folder. Open it, click Select and then Delete all. Arranged business and

An app that will help you

You may not know a free app called Remo. It does the dirty work for you and its operation can not be simpler. Download it, install it and give it permission to access your photos. Start the scan and it will automatically take the snapshots you have duplicated , also indicating the space they occupy. The best of all, apart from the fact that it does not cost money, is that it leaves you the original photo and deletes only the duplicate photos. Easy, simple and above all, comfortable. 

You know, we opted for the second method, because we think that things are simpler in this way. Do you have problems with storing photos on your iPhone or iPad?

Via | macworld  

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