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Monday, 21 May 2018

How to make an iPhone X 24 carat gold

Surely you know the story of King Midas, that character that everything he touched turned him into gold. Well, he has his alter ego in reality, and he is none other than the founder of the Gold Genie company , Laban Roomes . From humble origins, he has managed to build an empire customizing everyday objects with 24 carat gold, with stores in London and Dubai.

And these have been the mentors of the iPhone X commemorating the royal wedding held yesterday , between Prince Harry and California actress Meghan Markle. You may like it or not, but the truth is that it has managed to take Laban's business to the front pages of newspapers.

The process of making an iPhone X gold

Well it is relatively simple, at least he explains it in the middle Mashable , for it takes a normal iPhone X, remember that Apple does not manufacture special editions of this model , type RED or similar.

The device is carefully disassembled and a liquid gold coating is applied to the metal parts and to the glass of the back cover, which is made of this material to facilitate wireless charging. Thanks to an electrochemical process, gold is permanently adhered to the surface .

Once this process is done, it is reassembled and placed in a special wooden box, along with the rest of the accessories and documentation. The price of the whole set is almost 3,000 pounds sterling, around 3,400 euros and about 80,600 Mexican pesos . And it seems that the business is going from strength to strength, because not only dedicated to the custom of terminals, but iPad, microphones (Rhianna ordered one), racing bicycles or even the toilet bowl of the Sultan of Brunei.

If you could afford it, would you order your store? Tell us more in our comments section. 

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