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Saturday, 12 May 2018

How to put the perfect tempered glass on your iPhone

The prices of the repair or screen situation of a mobile device are quite high, and if we talk about an iPhone the price it reaches is almost stratospheric. That is why we always recommend the use of a tempered glass sheet to protect the panel from impacts, scratches or any other type of misfortune.

Now, placing it is always a nuisance. It requires a certain skill and in too many occasions we put it crooked or leave some air bubbles inside . And you know that once placed, if we raise it to bring you and try to eliminate that bubble the result is always worse, that is, you have to place a new one.

That's why we invite you to take a look at this video so that later we can draw some kind of interesting conclusion.

As you can see, there are two ways to place a tempered glass. The first one is using that frame that is shown to us with which the device is well secured and the possibility of error is reduced to a minimum . But maybe you do not have the frame or want to buy it, although you can do it here with this economic model , we give you our advice to make the art of placing a tempered glass to our iPhone a safe success.

How to put a tempered glass to the iPhone

    Obviously you must have previously bought your protector, we recommend these three, with great resistance and at a cost of less than 10 euros . Think about saving money that you can assume with respect to not wearing it and facing a screen change.

  •     The first thing you should do is clear your desk in such a way that nothing hinders you .
  •     Worry about having your hands very clean , you can even use some kind of latex glove that leaves no residue to avoid leaving fingerprints.
  •     It is very advisable that you remove the case of your device in case you have it, and that you clean the screen well with the wipe that is incorporated in the kit, drying it well with the chamois and passing it even the adhesive sheet to remove the remains of dust. 
  • emove the protective vinyl sheet from the new tempered glass. Many of them come with a pair of adhesive strips included that you must place on each end to avoid touching it with your fingers. In the event that this is not so, you can place a couple of strips of zeal paper.
  • The key moment arrives, bringing the sheet as close to the glass as possible, but without touching it . Make sure you center it well and let it fall. How are there going to be bubbles, you can drag them to the side that is closest to you, this way they will be eliminated. 

     And that's it, now to enjoy a well protected iPhone and to which you will avoid many micromarcas , or what is worse, a screen exploded. Personally, I have been spared some displeasure thanks to them, so it is a well made investment. When reselling your old device later, those who are well cared for are much better traded. 

Via | ifixit 

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