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Friday, 25 May 2018

How to save space in iPhone photos and stay alone with the best

With the iPhone in our pocket at all hours, for many it is no longer necessary to carry a camera on top . Not only selfies: landscapes, moments, meals ... everything looks great through the lens of the iPhone because it is simply one of the phones that makes the best photos.

If you like photography, you surely will not miss our weekly section of Photography for Dummies to squeeze the iPhone camera to the fullest . However, we always find an obstacle to our creativity: the space of the device.

Not even iCloud is capable of storing the huge amount of graphic material that we treasure over time. You already know that there are several solutions such as hiring an iCloud plan, transferring them to the computer, buying an external hard drive ... but let's start with something more basic: optimizing space on our phone without losing a bit of quality .

How? Eliminating duplicate, blurry, out of focus, repeated photos, etc. We want to teach you how to do it manually to save space and a wonderful application that we have recently discovered that will make this task something easy and automatic thanks to artificial intelligence. Without going any further, I managed to save gigas!

How to save space in iPhone Photos

Delete duplicate photos manually
If you do not have too many photos on your iPhone but still do not want to have duplicate photos, a simple solution is to delete them manually .

1) Take your iPhone and go to the Photos app.

2) For convenience, at the bottom of the screen click on Photos , so you will see them sorted chronologically, with the most recent at the bottom of the screen. If you click on the back arrow, you will be able to see them not only for days, but also for longer periods of time.

3) Click on select in the upper right corner and leave marking those you want to delete.

4) When you have them all, click on the trash can, you will find it in the lower right corner.

5) Confirm or cancel, in case you were wrong. Remember that if you delete a photo by mistake , you can recover it from the trash , where it will be stored for 40 days.

Using the Gemini app
The apps are to make life easier and this one is a wonder. You can also find it for free in the App Store, even if it has some payment features. This app uses machine learning to help us locate and delete photos of the iPhone , even if they are screenshots, text photos, blurry photos ...

 Gemini Photos
Gemini Photos

 Instalar Gratis
Once installed, the app will ask for your permission to access your photos. Accept, it will be one of the best decisions you make . After scanning your photo library, you will sort them by date with the results. When there are similar photos, the app will group them together and you will see a number with the number of identical photos.

If you click on it, Gemini will tell you which one is the best in the series . As you will see the rest will be marked to be eliminated. Confirm and you're done, you'll have your photo library cleaner and you'll keep the good one. In case you do not want any of those previously selected photos to erase, just uncheck it.

Another option is to leave the series of photos repeated because for whatever reason, you do not want to erase it. Press on the eye to be ignored by Gemini .

You will also find a folder called Clutter, where you will store blurry photos, notes and screenshots that by default will be selected to be deleted. However, you can always access and unmark those you do not want to delete.

Alternatives to Gemini
In the case that Gemini does not like you, something strange because it has a great interface, it is intuitive and very effective , there are other alternatives such as Remo Duplicate Photos Removal which is free or Duplicate Photos Fixer , Purrge or Photo Cleaner .

Take the decision you make, cleaning the photo library is something that you should do on a regular basis to optimize the space of your iOS device or the iCloud photo library.

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