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Saturday, 19 May 2018

I have fulfilled an achievement of my Apple Watch, why it does not appear on my iPhone?

One of the best functions attributed to Apple Watch is to motivate you to exercise more . Or, at least, lead a less sedentary life. For this reason Apple introduced three activity rings on its watch. One of calories, another of exercise and the last of hours in which you have risen at least once.

In addition to the rings, Apple also thought of a system of achievements. A kind of medals that you acquire when you surpass certain objectives . These can be very easy or somewhat more complicated. Also several times a year, on the occasion of a certain date, Apple includes an exclusive achievement that you can only get that day. Like during the last Earth Day .

No doubt the achievements are another reason to go out and do some exercise , worse there are times that fail. Even if you have achieved the achievement, it does not appear on your iPhone. This is what may be happening.

Why the achievements of the Apple Watch do not appear on my iPhone?

First of all remember how we can see the achievements we have achieved. For this we go to the app Activity of our iPhone and at the bottom click on Achievements . There we will see all those that we have unlocked. If we click on them we will see a small description. Also if we rotate it we will see that it is dedicated.

Now if there is an achievement that we know we have achieved, since it has come out in the Apple Watch, these may be some of the reasons and how to solve them.

    First of all, check that you do not have the achievement . Enter the Activity app and review your achievements.

    It is possible that the achievement takes time to appear. Apple says you should see it within 9 days . So wait a bit.

    Check that you have active Bluetooth and Wi-Fi , in iOS 11 have a trick .

    Verify that the Apple Watch is connected to the iPhone and is not in airplane mode or battery saving.

    Restart the Apple Watch.

    Restart the iPhone.

    If none of this has worked, you can try to unlink your Apple Watch from the iPhone and pair it again. Make sure you have backed up the clock before.

These are the little tricks we can do if there is an achievement of the Apple Watch that does not appear. Remember that these achievements are seen from the iPhone , although the Apple Watch notifies you when you get one.

And you, have you had this problem with the achievements of the Apple Watch?

Via | MacWorld 

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