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Tuesday, 8 May 2018

If the Face ID of your iPhone X fails, Apple could give you a new one

Surely you have had to read the title of this article twice to see if you have understood it well, but we already confirm that you have read it perfectly, that it is sure that you will explain it in detail. And it is strange to read that if it fails the Face ID of your iPhone X the cause could be in your camera traser a, at least in some cases, but it is reality.

This weekend has come to light a support document sent by Apple itself to several authorized stores , and which will explain the repair process of the iPhone X of customers who are having problems with the Face ID. It is a diagnostic process to see if it is possible to fix those problems or you have to opt for the complete replacement of the mobile device.

As you can read, the problems with the Face ID can be caused by the rear camera, which thanks to various information, given in many cases by employees of the Apple Store, are connected to each other, although performing totally different functions. This could explain the reasons why the back camera does not work on many occasions , just like the Face ID that returns a message of not being available temporarily.

After the checks, if the rear camera has no repair, or at least one not too complicated, we proceed to the replacement of the complete terminal , so that the client is not harmed by a problem in which little or nothing has to do.

At the moment there are not many cases in which the Face ID of the iPhone X starts to fail , but Apple seems to want to have a plan in case it begins to proliferate devices with this problem. We also imagine that they will also want to have their employees prepared for any situation that may arise.

Have you ever had any problems with the Face ID of your iPhone X?

Via | 9to5mac 

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