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Thursday, 3 May 2018

If you're worried about your privacy, stop using WhatsApp

le is clear: privacy is a fundamental right of the human being . But other companies like Google or Facebook do not think the same . Since WhatsApp passed into Facebook in 2014, many things have changed in the most popular messaging app that exists.

Yes, there have been countless new functions: video calls, GIFs, States, WhatsApp Web ... and of course, end-to-end encryption. And it has also gone from costing one euro a year to being completely free. When something so good is free, better to read the fine print .

In fact it is quite suspicious that the founder of WhatsApp encouraged people to have their Facebook account erased or that more recently another of their co-founders has left the Facebook boat . Rumors sound louder and louder : WhatsApp could introduce advertising, weakening their privacy and security .

According to the New York Times , Jan Koum leaves the Zuckerberg emporium because he is increasingly concerned about how the firm collects and sells user data . Koum would have tried to avoid it at all costs, but he felt that the destiny of the company and his diverged inexorably.

These suspects take more body when an engineer working for WhatsApp has told the Times that without Koum, the rest of the team believes that Facebook could change the app to collect even more data and someday introduce ads .

In a press release sent to Lifehacker , the speakers of WhatsApp assure:

    Facebook remains committed to the privacy and security of the app that more than 1,500 million people use each month thanks to its end-to-end encryption

Mark Zuckerberg made it clear at the annual F8 conference that Koum was a tireless advocate for privacy and encryption , thanking him for the services provided and for turning Facebook into the largest encrypted network in the world.

How will the new WhatsApp of the future be?

From the F8 we know that WhatsApp will include Stickers and video calls in group , but it has not been made public that more data or announcements will be collected , for the time being.

Although they have not said otherwise, especially considering that they are currently trying to wash their image after the Cambridge Analytica scandal. But silence does not like it and Zuckerberg would do well to be clear in this regard .

Facebook already uses certain WhatsApp data , but without Koum in the company, it is possible that this data spillover will grow, especially considering that the entire business model of Facebook is based on selling ads thanks to the personal data of users.

If you are concerned about your privacy enough to have planned to delete your Facebook account or at least change the way you use this social network , it is time to consider leaving WhatsApp as well. Remember that there are many other alternatives , but Signal is the safest app. 

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