Instagram is already a bit more Facebook thanks to its latest news -


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Friday, 18 May 2018

Instagram is already a bit more Facebook thanks to its latest news

Instagram stories continue to redefine the way in which users interact with their followers . Recall, first included the text formats, citations, mentions, then came the stickers, filters and GIFs ...

Recently, Instagram also incorporated polls with emojis . And, now ... the social network will also offer the opportunity to share other users' posts in your own stories . An ideal way, without a doubt, to enhance interaction in the community of instagramers.

The new functionality of Instagram, in addition, will allow to promote other users, brands and companies in the stories . It is a very effective and much easier method than taking a screenshot and sharing it with all those people you want.

How to add posts from other users in your Instagram stories

To share a post you see on Instagram in your stories, you just have to press the paper airplane button just like you would to share the content via Instagram Direct messages. Now there will be a new option to share in your stories.

You can position the image in any area of ​​your story, change its size and add text over it. The feature will be available on Android today, and next week on iOS.

Finally, it should be noted that you can only share public content . That is, if a photograph belongs to a private profile, you will not be able to show it. Each user will have the option to disable the publication of their photographs in the stories of others.

Important: The feature may not yet be available in your Instagram application. If so, stay tuned for updates to the iOS App Store.

The new features that Instagram is incorporating into their stories are absolutely great. Bored we will not bore, go ... However, missing a feature that we miss much on Instagram: the ability to share stories with your contacts through links in third-party applications. Will they implement it soon?

Via | The Verge 

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