iOS 11.4 will arrive with a Siri that will recognize more orders -


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Friday, 4 May 2018

iOS 11.4 will arrive with a Siri that will recognize more orders

Less than a month before the start of the World Congress of Developers that will take place on June 4, many people are looking at how iOS 12 will be, the operating system designed to lead the operation of a large part of the devices the Cupertino company.

But we can not forget that iOS 11 continues its evolution. Since its official launch on September 19, 2017, when they introduced improvements such as the screen recording or the Do Not Disturb action while driving , it has been adding some features. In fact this past Wednesday the beta 3 of iOS 11.4 was released . And although at the external level it does not seem to have spectacular changes, it has enabled a very interesting functionality and that we now tell you.

These improvements come from the hand of Siri, the virtual assistant of our devices, and who will be much more useful and able to manage commands with AirPlay . Apple will add AirPlay command support to the assistant so that Siri can be used on the iPhone to play content through Apple TV or the smart speaker, HomePod , which has been news lately for its discreet sales.

This undoubtedly is a great advantage for all those people who have a home-based Apple ecosystem , because the popularity of devices such as Apple TV and digital content platforms such as Netflix or HBO, should guide the steps towards a greater interactivity

And today we have heard, thanks to Apple's own filtering , that the smart speaker could be launched in more countries from here in a very short time . Still it is not contemplated that Spain and the countries of Latin America are among these in which it is going to be launched.

Via | iphonehacks 

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