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Wednesday, 23 May 2018

Jailbreak lovers: Installer 5, the alternative to Cydia, could be launched today

At the beginning of the year they began to talk about an alternative to Cydia called Installer 5 . We may be in one of the worst moments of the jailbreak , although new alternatives and options could revitalize it.

AppTapp is what is called the team behind this initiative and has been working on this new project all these months. As in Cydia, in Installer 5 we will find apps and tweaks for our jailbroken devices that have iOS 10 or iOS 11 installed.

The first beta of Installer 5 will arrive today
As announced by the AppTapp team, after some problems, they will launch the first beta of Installer 5 today . The main virtue of which its developers boast is that it is an independent project that can be updated for different versions of iOS in just a few minutes.

This is something that does not happen with Cydia. Since every time a jailbreak is launched, we must wait for Saurik to update Cydia to be compatible with the new versions. And this is something that can last days or weeks. So jailbreakers can end up quite frustrated.

Without boarding with Installer 5 these problems would be solved, since in a few minutes it could be made compatible with the new versions of iOS for which the jailbreak is available.

For those who do not trust much of this new store of tweaks and applications, we must remember that this application is prior to Cydia itself . Installer or Installer.app was the first app and tweaks manager for jailbroken iOS devices. The problem is that Cydia later eclipsed him and gained much more popularity.

Installer 5 has been gaining popularity with the months, despite the delays. And the jailbreak community has high hopes . So we hope that in the end the product is up to the task. The application certainly promises. With an interface very similar to the new App Store released with iOS 11 intends to fall in love with those who have left the jailbreak aside.

We will see if it meets the expectations and we will be attentive to tell you all the news of Installer 5, the most promising alternative to Cydia for years . Maybe the jailbreak is not dead after all.

What do you think, will you do the jailbreak and install Installer 5?

Via | iPhonehacks

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