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Wednesday, 16 May 2018

Maximum privacy: YouTube launches Incognito mode

Google is concerned about the privacy of its users after the Facebook scandal , and very soon it will be possible to keep some of the videos we watch on its YouTube platform private. Google is testing its new Incognito mode .

We are talking about a very common functionality in web browsing , but not so much in the reproduction of streaming videos, and it is equally important. Many users use their smartphones and tablets to search YouTube: recipes, gifts, fashion, reviews ...

Incognito YouTube mode has been discovered in the Android version of the application , and apparently temporarily stops updating the History section of the video playback app.
Facebook notes, this keeps YouTube privacy and its Incognito mode

When activating this new mode, a pop-up window appears displaying the message: "Your activity in this session will be cleared and you will return to your last used account when you exit Incognito mode or are inactive. Your activity will remain visible to your bosses, school or Internet service provider. "

As indicated by the window that you will see in the screenshot that we have attached here, YouTube's Incognito mode does not totally mask users' online activities . It only makes the phone or the tablet not keep a record of the videos that are played.

This new mode can bring YouTube a little more privacy when a user wants to search for content that they do not want others to see. For example, a person who wants to find a surprise gift for their partner or, why not, an Android employee who wants to know about iOS functions .

So far, we do not know when the new Incognito mode will be available on iOS and Android within the YouTube application. It's already in the Chrome web browser on iOS, now we just have to wait to try this feature ...

Via | Cult of Mac 

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