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Saturday, 12 May 2018

Microsoft wants iMessage to be compatible with Windows

One of the applications that is becoming increasingly important for Apple is iMessage. We saw it in the presentation of the iPhone X with the famous Animoji, copied by Samsung . Using Apple messages is a great advantage if you have several devices of the company such as an iPad or a Mac, since you can answer from any of them.

There is no doubt that it is an application that works really well. And from which many new features are expected. Profiles for businesses are about to arrive and payments between users are already available in the United States and could soon reach Spain . No doubt all this strengthens Apple's messaging application , but there are those who ask for more.
Microsoft wants iMessage in Windows

One of the claims made to Apple is that it extends the compatibility of iMessage to other platforms . It does not sound crazy, the essential thing of a messaging app is that it is compatible with as many users as possible. And that's where Microsoft has entered.

One of the company's directors, Joe Belfiore, has told The Verge that Apple could open up a little more to its platform. And is that in the latest update of Windows is going to include a system to see the screen of your smartphone from your computer . It will be compatible with iOS and Android, although in the case of the Apple system with restrictions.

ne of these restrictions is precisely to see the messages. For example you can not access the images sent to us , due to the high security measures that Cupertino give their systems.

    "Apple makes everything a bit more difficult with the messages, but we are willing to work with them"

That is, Microsoft wants iMessage to be compatible with that new application they have created for Windows. So they are not asking for an independent app, just collaborate with Apple to improve the experience of its users.

No doubt it would be a good idea for Apple to open iMessage to other platforms. I do not think it's one of those applications where users do not change platforms. The same Apple Music is compatible with Android and Windows. Even so, I do not see Apple helping Microsoft improve Windows.

And you, what do you think? Would you like to see iMessage on Windows or Android?

Via | The Verge 

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