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Wednesday, 23 May 2018

New to Instagram: how to mute users without blocking or stopping

Instagram continues to update at a surprising pace with very interesting news . Recall that over the last week the social network incorporated three new features.

Recently, Instagram added some fun polls with emojis that allow users to interact with their followers in a more enjoyable way through their stories.

Soon after, the social network implemented a system to include other users' posts in the stories. And, finally, we discovered that Instagram will incorporate a tool to manage the time we use the application.

And now, from Instagram have announced another new addition: the possibility of silencing users without having to block or stop following.

How to mute users on Instagram
The introduction of this functionality is not as surprising as we might think at first, and is that Facebook (which acquired Instagram many years ago) already had this feature for some time.

Now, Instagram users will be able to silence other accounts so that they do not appear again in their posts feed . Your content will stop showing, but you can still access your profile.

On the other hand, it is interesting to note that you will also continue to receive notifications if the user you have silenced is tagged in a comment, in a story or in a post.

This is how you can silence a user on Instagram from now on:

1. Select the button (...) in the upper right corner of a publication.

2. From here you can choose an option between mute publications, or mute publications and stories in an account.

In addition, you will also have the possibility to mute publications and stories by keeping your finger pressed on a story of a user.

As we mentioned previously, Instagram has been adding all kinds of new content to your application and the way users interact with your posts feed . What do you think about the latest news from the social network of photography?

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