Nintendo is clear: the iPhone and the Switch are its best consoles -


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Thursday, 3 May 2018

Nintendo is clear: the iPhone and the Switch are its best consoles

Next June Shuntaro Furukawa will become the next president of Nintendo , one of the most prestigious companies in the world, and with a huge future in the world of videogames, although not exclusively for videogames, but also for mobile devices.

And is that the new top manager of the Japanese company, has expressed his desire to increase the business of Nintendo in terms of mobile games . In 2017 they managed to raise 355 million dollars, which is expected to skyrocket to 910 million dollars in 2018, thanks to the launch of new titles.

Of course Nintendo will not forget its console par excellence, the Switch, which is another major focus of your business , but without a doubt the market for games for mobile devices is in full boil, and will take advantage of it .

"As far as I can see, smart phone games are what I want to expand the most. The idea that something will emerge and be transformed into something great, in the same way that the game consoles, is the defining motive of Nintendo's business ">

In 2018 we will see the launch of new titles , with new partners, after the more than interesting collaboration with Niantic for the launch of Pokemon Go that put Nintendo in the market of mobile games with huge success. Now it's DeNA's turn that will be responsible for launching titles like Mario Kart Tour .

It is also to be expected that Nintendo will resort to the launch of its great classics for iPhone , and in some cases also for Android to make shoot its business of games for mobile devices up to 100 million dollars, something that will almost certainly be achieved.

Would you like Nintendo to launch games for mobile devices with its most famous characters as protagonists?

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