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Wednesday, 23 May 2018

"Not with a stick": control any Android from your iPhone with this app

IPhone users is not that we are very fans of Android, we have many reasons . But for this time we will make an exception. It is possible that at some point it will be good for us. According to new information, thanks to a new application we can control any device with Android from our iPhone .

Since a while ago there is an Android app called AirDroid, developed by the company Sand Studio. This application allows Android users something similar to what the iPhone with Continuity do . That is, we can show you see many things of the device in the computer .

The AirDroid application allows you to control an Android phone from a Windows PC or a Mac. But today the traditional computer has gone into the background . For this reason Sand Studio has launched a new innovative solution for these people and is called AirMirror.

An app to control your Android from the iPhone
We are very used to the mirror functions of the devices. Apple has AirPlay and Android devices its own system. But until now this worked to duplicate the screen of your smartphone on television or on a computer . With AirMirror this changes.

With AirMirror, any user can control any computer or Android device that has AirDroid installed. The application is available for both Android devices and will be released soon for iOS devices. Yes, this means that we can control an Android phone or tablet from the iPhone or iPad .

The installation is not complicated, but you have to enable remote access on Android devices . This involves connecting your Android to the computer and following a few detailed steps of the AirMirror application.

What can I control from the iPhone

There are many things you can control from your Android device from the iPhone or the iPad. These are the most interesting that Sand Studio has shared:

Total control of Android from an iOS device.

Switch between easily controlled devices from a single screen.

Full Android interface including virtual buttons.

Volume control, lock and unlock the device and perform gestures.

AirIME, remote keyboard support.

Options to adjust the quality and fluidity depending on the speed of internet connection.

Having the ability to control an Android device from your iPhone or iPad, and your PC with Windows or Mac too, is quite impressive. We will see how the application behaves that can be really useful . It is a kind of convoluted way of having Android on the iPhone. And you have to admit, there are Android things that we like .

What do you think, it seems useful to control Android from the iPhone?

Via | BGR

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