OnePlus, the brand that copies the iPhone and at the same time laughs at Apple (rightly so) -


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Friday, 18 May 2018

OnePlus, the brand that copies the iPhone and at the same time laughs at Apple (rightly so)

Yesterday, OnePlus presented its latest proposal to assault the high-end , we refer to the OnePlus 6 , which by the way you can book on Amazon for just over 500 euros.

OnePlus is known for offering terminals with a great value for money based on the work of others, or what is the same, copying the iPhone shamelessly , something they already did with the OnePlus 5 in such a blatant way that it cost us to find 7 differences with the iPhone 7 Plus .

And there were, because although outside were almost twin brothers , the interior had specifications of an iPhone of 2015 . Anyway, suspicions have been confirmed and the OnePlus returns to the old, although this time inspired by the iPhone X strongly, although judging by the comparison in detail between one and another, the OnePlus 6 is still light years away from the iPhone X.

The most surprising thing of all during the presentation, is that despite living of R & D + i of Apple, they have the bad slob of releasing a taunt directed at Cupertino and his decision to withdraw the Jack connection. We imagine that mentioning Apple is a good resource to achieve more publicity .

The pulp of OnePlus CEO to Apple

Carl Pei, CEO of OnePlus and co-founder, took advantage of the moment when he presented his OnePlus Bullets wireless headphones - included with the terminal, notes Apple - at approximately 1:14:00 minute, to shoot with bullet on Apple and its decision to eliminate Jack Jack in 2016, with the launch of the iPhone 7 and that have been following other manufacturers.

    Just one thing. I wonder: If you can connect your headphones using bluetooth, you do not need a jack anymore, do you? Well, in the OnePlus 6, there is still

Because your OnePlus does have a Jack connection, although it includes bluetooth headphones, in case you want to connect your headphones with a lifetime cable.

Honestly, the inclusion of the headphones seems a wise decision that we have justified several times in iPadizate , and now that the adapter will not even come in the box .

At the end of the day, when you buy an iPhone you are already making a large investment, buyers would not mind paying a little more and Apple would continue to earn money by including them by raising the price minimally. It would be an ideal meeting point that would satisfy everyone. 

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