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Saturday, 12 May 2018

Photography on iPhone for dummies (XIII): composition (II)

Welcome another week to our photo section on amateur iPhone, where we give a small touch of how to make the most of your device's camera and how to get our photos to say something, and not be something static or lacking in life.

Last week we started with the composition , but being an extensive topic we decided to divide it into two articles . It is worth remembering that we review the definition of photographic composition, and that it is none other than the way in which I am going to mount the photograph or the shooting sequence, with a communicative objective.

If last week we talked about the rule of thirds and geometric elements as a form of support to try to communicate something , during this week we are going to focus on two other interesting aspects, such as vacuum and colors.


It is one of my favorite aspects, to use the vacuum as a way to fill the photograph although it may seem a contradiction. If a photo has too many elements, the center of interest may be lost , or what is the same, the person who sees our photo does not finish seeing it very clearly because perhaps there are too many things to look at. To illustrate, a simple example:

Is it a good picture? Not at all, the colors are forced and there is a lot of noise, too much zoom. Although it is the effect that was wanted to obtain. So? Well there is the key, a lot of blue sky and the wake of the plane, although this is imperceptible. Everyone who interprets it as they wish, I wanted to transmit solitude, because only that element appears as a means of communication , a line in the sky.


We know that colors differ mainly between warm and cold colors, the first being yellow, orange or red and the second green or blue. A photograph with warm colors try to show temperament, liveliness and strength, while another with cold colors does not usually transmit calm, peace and tranquility. Try playing with them , as soon as you take care of your chromatic range you will get better communication. 

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