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Saturday, 19 May 2018

Photography on iPhone for dummies (XIV): shooting apps

Welcome and welcome one more week to our weekly section of photography on iPhone, a space where we try to bring you closer to this exciting world and that has more and more followers. The topic that concerns us today is sweet, that of the applications that we can use to take photos with our device .

This week we will focus on three of them, which will be the application of the camera that comes as native, ProCam and Camera + , which in my opinion are those that can give better results. So let's go to it to draw our own conclusions.

Recommended apps for photographing
Camera (native app)

The native application itself has been improving a lot over time. The truth is that it has many options and is oriented for those people who do not want to get too complicated when taking a photo or a video . It has a timer, a very useful resource, possibility to activate or deactivate Live Photos , an invention that takes a microvideo and with which many fun things can be done.

In addition to this, the activation or not of the flash, grid activation (highly recommended), and the known modes of Photo, Video, Time-Lapse, Slow Motion, 1: 1 (ideal for social networks), Panoramic Mode and Portrait Mode in case you have an iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X. The drawback is that it does not allow to manually modify more parameters , such as ISO or speed. That is why it is indicated for people with little photographic knowledge or for those who want it easy

Without a doubt it is one of my favorites, the possibilities are maximum when it comes to setting up the camera. You can do it manually in such a way that you control light, speed, ISO to your liking ... Come on, you can do everything, although it also has automatic mode. It costs every penny that is worth and is a jewel, highly recommended to have, although at least to experiment and keep learning.

Camera +

This app is perhaps less complete than the previous one, although it shines at a very high level. Its great advantage is the clean interface , which does not overwhelm as much as ProCam, and comes with an editor of multiple built-in filters, which although it is not the topic that concerns us today, is appreciated. It is perhaps easier to use than ProCam, so it is recommended as an intermediate app between one and another.


In my particular opinion, these two apps, apart from the native one, are the best ones that are right now in the App Store , which floods us with a lot of them. Practically you will not need anything else if you want to make good photos, just put you desire and a lot of passion.

We are waiting for you next week with a section that we are going to dedicate to those interesting apps when editing our takes , the editing applications. Do not fail us! 

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