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Tuesday, 22 May 2018

PUBG Mobile: 3 Tips to Survive in Miramar

Surviving Erangel is not easy, all the PUBG players know it. Leafy forests, mountains, unevenness and in defintiva, a real death trap for all those who seek to go hiding in the shadows to not end up on the ground while our murderer searches in our death box. Well, if Erangel seems complicated, I welcome you to Miramar.

Miramar has no sea anywhere, as much as the name says (if someone has gone to Santillana del Mar will know what I'm talking about). So much so, that it is literally a desert . This new update has brought several new features, including a desert with few trees, a perennial earth color and free of leafy areas; in short: a place where the spaces to hide are much smaller, compared to the first map.

I never tire of telling my friends, who are very confident about their Magisterial Victories at Fortnite - the great fashion game that has brought the Battle Royale genre to all audiences - that this is not a game to jump around while you are wearing a Mini-Uzi (or in short, any other weapon). A large majority listens to me, but many others keep the reflections they bring from Fortnite. Issue? Guess how far you can go to see how a person jumps in a desert. One clue: enough.

It really is not that there is too much trouble with jumping if nobody is watching you, but in PUBG the tension, the obsession with going unnoticed and the strategy: forget your duels of shotguns jumping while you build a chalet , this is something totally different .

Once this little introduction to Miramar is done, we will review what we will find in this place .
Miramar: How can we survive?

Choose where to fall

The first thing we must remember is that, indeed, this map has hardly any vegetation , since it is a desert. This limits our possibilities of hiding at unevenness, mountains or the houses we find.

On the other hand, despite being a desert we also have 'hot zones' . We can find our own Pochinki in El Pozo or Los Leones, and to a lesser extent in places like Pecado or La Hacienda del Patron.

Outside these areas, it is not easy to find too many resources (as in Erangel), so we must assess the existing risk , and decide if it is worth playing the guy for the risk of getting a vest, helmet and something more than a clipped shotgun.
Adapt your game style to the new map

In this game we find new vehicles and weapons , as well as modifications in the resources that fall from the sky. The ghilie becomes brown. - Do you imagine someone with a green ghilie making the incredible mossy man in the middle of the desert? Me neither-, pick-up's, buggies, vans to carry all your equipment ...

In short, you have many new features to explore, and they have been designed to give you competitive advantages on the map. This does not differ in size -8 × 8 km-, but it does change the scenario completely , which is why you have to modify your way of playing. Explore, investigate, survive and trace your strategy. In a few games, you will have adapted.

Explore Search. Find.

As in Mansion in Erangel, Chiringuito Chatarra in Fortnite or the OFO in Rules of Survival, there are areas where there is a high probability of getting an interesting booty assuming an acceptable risk . Also, there are places where vehicles or other high-value supplies always tend to appear in the game. All this is known by dint of playing, so do not skimp on games.

Do not despair if after 50 games you have not managed to win, it is totally normal. In this game, you depend on factors alien to you and what other 99 players do . Focus on improving your individual mechanics (shooting, space distribution in the backpack, optimizing your resources) and your strategy to win, and the time will come when you will be the only one left alive on the battlefield. This is so.

This map is a totally 'friendly sniper' place, and although the bullets here go anywhere except where you aim, it is better that you seek refuge and dedicate yourself to get a good team the first few minutes , and draw a strategy to As time passes and you see where the area is going. Waiting 20 minutes to meet someone can be boring, but being 20 minutes dying at La Hacienda del Patron just after falling is much more frustrating.

As you can see, these are some of the simplest indications I can give regarding Miramar. This is not an article about the traps that are made to win more easily playing PUBG: Mobile ( but this one does ), nor do I say that it is not offering small tips that help strengthen a strategy that, with determination, will end up making you To be victorious. Have a good hunt! 

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