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Friday, 25 May 2018

Save battery on your iPhone with these 14 tricks (2018)

Manage the management of the battery of our devices, which tend to leave us in the lurch at the most inopportune moment, is one of the priorities of off-road users . Although every day our iPhones have a better management of the battery, we ignore the batterygate , and iOS is a very careful operating system with it, although there are some who say the opposite, it never hurts to review the best habits for it .

For that reason we have prepared this post with some simple tips that are easy to apply and that should be reviewed in those moments of trouble . Come then with these tricks useful to prolong the life of the battery and prevent you out of play at the first change.

The most obvious, use more Airplane Mode

It is so simple that sometimes it gives some trouble to explain it, how many times we can not use the iPhone because we are in class, in a museum or visiting a church. A simple gesture from the Control Center prevents the battery from being discharged, by canceling all the antennas of the device. Although it has more useful options .

Do not find so many apps

It does not make much sense to allow the apps that the location is active at all times . It is best to check the option "When used", for this go to Settings > Privacy > Location . Never take privacy as a game and blĂ­ndate.

The happy notifications
Leave only those that are going to be useful . Remember that each notification is to turn on the screen completely for a while. You can easily manage them from Settings > Notifications , leaving those you need .

Avoid updates in the background
Avoid battery wear in the following way, go to Settings > General > Update in the background and deactivate it. With this you save the system has to go checking if there are new content .

The brightness, eye with him
Yes, a too bright screen causes the battery to drain faster . For that reason it is very interesting that you do not configure the brightness automatically, that is, deactivating TrueTone and make sure you have it low.

Make more use of the Low power mode
You can enable it so that when you reach 20 percent capacity it is activated automatically, although you can always have it on . Saving is noticeable, and quite a lot, besides being able to configure it from the Control Center itself .

The mail, better in small doses
You probably have activated your mail to consult continuously, it is perhaps more advisable to check that there is incoming mail every half hour . You will avoid unnecessary connections and therefore, battery wear . To move automatically to the one you prefer, follow the path Settings > Accounts and passwords > Get data . And by the way, take a look at our tutorial to learn how to configure your mail, contacts and calendar well .

Control where the energy escapes you
Apps always use a battery, some more than others. Control where you are losing it in Settings > Battery , you will probably be surprised by the results. There are real battery-killers , like Facebook or SnapChat, although there are more .

The blockade
It is the time that the screen is on until it is completely blocked. I have it set by default in 30 seconds, which is the most economical option in terms of battery usage . If I need a specific change, I do it and then I put it back to 30. To activate it, go to Settings > Display and brightness > Automatic blocking . Because the lock screen can also be subject to espionage .

Pasa del Oye Siri
Yes, Siri is very useful , but you will see that there is the "Hey Siri" option, when you say those magic words your assistant is activated . And for that reason, the system is always waiting for you to say something and, therefore, consuming energy. Turn it off by going to Settings > Siri and search and unchecking the "Hey, Siri" option.

Reduce movement, better not
An option that maybe you do not even know exists, get better effects in some animations ... at the expense of the battery. To access it go to Settings > General > Accessibility and uncheck the option to reduce movement.

Lift to activate
An original feature of iOS 10 by which the screen is turned on when you pick up the phone. Necessary? Maybe not much, that's why it's better to deactivate it. Go to Settings > Display and brightness > Lift to activate , and uncheck it.

Seize the moment
On my trips to work I go with the backpack, which has a USB port and an external battery inside , which ensures that I will never be left without any energy.

Always on top
The famous battery cases seem like an excellent solution. If I have to go out to the mountain, I'll put it on, so I'll make sure I have enough load. In situations like this it is the most advisable, because you never know what can happen . This is highly recommended , as it provides charge for twice.

By way of conclusion and extra advice
The needs of having a battery that responds are increasing. Apple devices do not have the highest capacity batteries on the market, although their operating system is highly optimized. That is why it is very important that you are the one who can control the use of your device , nor is it necessary to look at it so many times. In certain occasions I enjoy a lot turning it off for a while, at night it's something I always do. I rest and the iPhone too. Do you join the movement off ?

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