So spectacular is the new design of Facebook Messenger (with night mode) -


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Thursday, 3 May 2018

So spectacular is the new design of Facebook Messenger (with night mode)

The F8, the conference of Facebook developers, is the place where the main creators of the platform's applications, those who take the most out of the social network, meet to discover the main novelties prepared by the social network. News that, of course, we will end up enjoying the users in one way or another. Among them, for example, we can find group video calls, which will finally reach WhatsApp , and an expected redesign for Messenger.

Precisely, today we will focus on the latter, which seems to be prepared to continue competing against its sister company WhatsApp, and against other major platforms such as Line or Telegram. For this reason, they are determined to redesign the app to make it a very attractive place for all kinds of users. A more minimalist interface , ready to adapt to any screen format, regardless of whether this is the iPhone X or an iPhone 8.

In addition, it also comes with another great novelty, a night mode to relieve the tiredness of our eyes at night, and our battery all day, if we have an OLED screen like the iPhone X. Of course, there are two most interesting news for this app, which does not finish taking off in certain territories, and that has been directly affected by the controversy of Cambridge Analytica , to be directly connected to the social network.

In the end, seeing that Instagram already has capacity even to make video calls, it seems that it would be a better option to merge both applications. Perhaps in this way they would give something more sense to a proposal that, in many cases, has managed to capture users by the mere fact that it is the only way to access the message system of the social network itself. Messenger may be the future of the company, but it's still hard to see, even with a new design.

Via | TheNextWeb 

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