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Sunday, 20 May 2018

So you can save photos from Safari on your iPhone

The hours we spent in front of the screen of our iPhone or iPad are enough, whether for leisure or work. It's amazing to see how mobile devices have crept into our lives in one way or another, and how they can help us do our jobs better.

And on certain occasions, the following happens: we are browsing from Safari and we have to download some of the photos that appear on a website , we like them, we want to use them to do something, whatever ... How is the best way to proceed? ? Well, following the steps that we are going to indicate, it's funny to the Save Images application.

What is Save Images?

The perfect solution for those who want to easily download one or more images from Safari. The best thing is that you download the application and you forget about it , because you only have to activate it from Safari once so you can always use it, since it is an extension of it. We tell you then how to activate Save Images.
How to activate Save Images in Safari

    First, download the application from the download box that we provide below .
    Once you have downloaded it, click on it, and it will guide you on how to proceed to use it. Anyway, we will comment on what you should do.
    Go to the Safari browser and click on the share button , the blue square with an arrow.
    Scroll to the right until you find the "More" button.
    Activate the green button of Save Images .

From now on you will be able to download all the photographs you want from any web page simply by doing the following:

    When you are browsing Safari and you see photos on a page that are of interest to you, click on the share button and look for the Save Images button. You will open a tab with all the images available for download and select those you want . Then, go to Select, and after giving the app permission to access your Photos folder, they will be stored in that place.

As you can see, with this Safari extension you have the possibility to save all the photos of a web page in the easiest and most comfortable way possible . Hopefully this application can get you out of some trouble. Do not forget to follow us to not miss our recommendation is the best applications you can have on your iPhone or iPad.
Save Images - Downloader for Safari
Save Images - Downloader for Safari

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