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Saturday, 12 May 2018

The 7 most curious and spectacular accessories for your iPhone

 Throughout recent years, iPadizate come recommending accessories for iPhone and iPad for all tastes and colors.

In fact, some time ago we shared a curious selection with the 15 strangest and strangest accessories in the world . Today we will not go so far, but we will recommend a series of pretty curious iPhone accessories that you might like to purchase.

In the compilation we have included everything a bit, from winter hats with built-in Bluetooth headsets to LED lights of covers, strips and light bulbs. We start?

Curious and spectacular accessories for iPhone
iBlazr 2

The iBlazr 2 accessory attaches to an edge of the iPhone to offer four LED flash lights with which you can light up your best selfies. It has a lithium-ion battery and can be activated by the use of touch gestures.

Price: € 53.15

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Laser keyboard

This curious laser device projects a keyboard on any surface . Although, as you can see in the video, it is not very functional ... it is still one of the most spectacular accessories on the market.

Price: € 44,03

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Bluetooth cap

If you are very cold and want to listen to music, this cap with Bluetooth wireless headphones is the perfect solution. Yes, yes, a hat that plays music! It is available in 7 different models and even has a built-in microphone for your calls with hands-free.

Price: € 29.00

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LED cover for selfies

We continue with a curious and fun case for iPhone 7 (there are other versions compatible with more models) that has built- in colored LED lights , so that your smartphone seems to be shining.

Price: € 9.49

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HomeKit Wi-Fi bulb

And speaking of colored lights, this Wi-Fi bulb can be controlled via HomeKit from any iPhone and iPad to change its color, use Siri voice commands and even automate actions . It has 16 million colors and 8 W of power.

Price: € 29.99

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LED colored strips

These flexible LED strips are ideal for decorating your home, whether on a wall, on your TV or on your bedside table. They are compatible with Siri, Alexa and Google Assistant, and allow you to create scenes with HomeKit.

Price: € 36.99

Buy Amazon

Aurora Nanoleaf Panel

We finalized our collection of spectacular accessories for iPhone with a panel of LED lights that can be controlled with HomeKit. Do not miss the video, they are super psychedelic.

Price: € 180.42 

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