The Animojis are the protagonists of the new announcement of Apple in Asia -


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Tuesday, 22 May 2018

The Animojis are the protagonists of the new announcement of Apple in Asia

Although a few years ago Apple was very fashionable in Asia, it seems that little by little the trend is changing . With exceptions like Japan, where the iPhone continues to triumph, the Californian phone range faces fierce competition in these countries, so it needs to use its best marketing techniques to convince the public about the benefits of the iPhone. X. Especially, because we talk about a territory like South Korea.

As you know many of you, in this country the dominant brand in mobile telephony (and in many other national markets) is Samsung, a company founded in this same country. In fact, their mobiles account for much of South Korea's market share. But, if there is someone who can face Samsung in his own country, that is Apple. For this reason, to achieve more users, have launched a new ad that teaches the Animojis of the iPhone X, with a musical touch of the most special.

The South Korean indie band Hyukoh has accompanied Apple's advertising piece with its new song Citizen Kane, including its corresponding performance with the Animojis. All this, to create a campaign capable of attracting young people to the Cupertino devices, now that their presence in this country is stronger than ever , having recently opened its first Apple Store in the city of Seoul.

We will have to see if all these efforts have long-term effects, although as we say, fight against a conglomerate as established as Samsung, if it is already complicated outside of its country of origin, in South Korea it is even more so . Of course, for now, the campaigns that are preparing paint pretty well.

Via | 9to5Mac 

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