The Apple Watch returns to save the life of a man -


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Sunday, 6 May 2018

The Apple Watch returns to save the life of a man

The Apple Watch is the fashion watch, reliable, beautiful and with a multitude of functions that make it attractive. And when Tim Cook, CEO of the company, announced last year that he wanted to orient his wearable towards health options , he did not say it as a minor issue, and now you'll see why.

According to the American media, a 32-year-old man from the state of New York has saved his life, thanks in large part to his smart watch. This young man, named William Monzidelis, was working in the business that his family owns when suddenly he began to feel indisposed . He went to the bathroom because he got dizzy and started to bleed, and immediately received an attention from his Apple Watch, he had to find medical help.

After communicating his discomfort to his mother, she transferred him to the hospital. There he arrived with a loss of 80 percent of blood, in a state of maximum severity, being diagnosed with a perforating ulcer . Such was his condition that he had to receive a blood transfusion before entering the operating room.

The medical team that has saved the life of William Monzidelis says that the notifications of his smart watch are largely responsible for this person can live to tell. The New Yorker is apparently a person in good health, who had not suffered similar episodes previously . Without the Apple Watch it could have vanished and died.

    "Fortunately, my story can push people to use technology. In my case, it was like a little angel looking at me. It really is a magical device. "

And it is not the first case of a person who saves his life thanks to this device. It is undoubtedly a sign that technology is useful for much more than compulsive consumption. And the bad health habits of many people do nothing but give a good purchase like this. Your smart watch can get you out of some major trouble .

Via | nbc 

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