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Friday, 25 May 2018

The future of WhatsApp: send messages with invisible letters!

The future never ceases to amaze us. Like out of a science fiction movie, researchers at Columbia University have created something simply fascinating: a system that generates ink invisible to the human eye ... unless you are the recipient of the message.

As we can read in Wired , this peculiar invisible ink comes from steganography, a technique that hides messages in texts that work as a carrier. Or what is the same: that anyone who sees it will not notice anything . Only the recipient has the tools to decipher the hidden message.

In this particular case, the technique used simply modifies the characters with a new font, called FontCode. This font can be integrated into word and image processors, suitable for sending as attachments in any application . Can you imagine how many possibilities open up?

Do you want to see how the new invisible letter works that you will soon be able to use in your applications and programs? We show you a video published by the researchers:

That is, you can pass a photo with text in FontCode in your WhatsApp group and that only who you want can find out what it says in reality. Who says WhatsApp, also says publications on Facebook, Instagram ... and of course, in advertising. Eye, because it is not about subliminal messages that deceive the brain , they simply hide the information from the human eye.

Saving the distances, they are somewhat similar to QR codes , but more exclusive still. Among its possibilities: advertisements on the street, web pages, PDF documents with confidential data to which you can add additional encryption for more security ... you only need the appropriate tool, which could well be an app with the decryption algorithm. Although currently only available in English, it will soon reach more languages.

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