The iPhone SE 2 could be released later than expected -


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Monday, 14 May 2018

The iPhone SE 2 could be released later than expected

We have been quite active for a few days in everything related to the new version of one of the most successful phones of Apple, the iPhone SE. This phone managed to take the hole that the iPhone 5C left when it was discontinued, and did so with a perfect design for all those who still missed the iPhone 5. However, with the renders that have appeared , it seems that will leave behind the old-fashioned designs , and bet on something more current.

It seems that, if everything follows this course, the iPhone SE 2 would have a front design similar to that of an iPhone X, which would make it the perfect phone for all those who do not want to spend the more than 1000 euros that the latter costs. The problem with all this is that it does not seem to be the only option in terms of designs. Apple would also be considering something similar to the previous iPhone SE , but with more updated components, as could be seen in an alleged leaked video .

This indecision at the time of choosing the model that will be released, which on the other hand reminds us a lot of what consumers suffer when choosing our next smartphone, could have caused the launch of this phone to be delayed since this first half of the year, to September, along with the rest of the new models. Which makes us wonder if this new model really exists, or if it is another false alarm.

Of course, there is the possibility that all this is true, but information like this, suggesting that Apple could present another phone in September , added to the rest of renewals such as the iPhone X Plus , begins to sound. Not to mention the possibility of seeing the design of the iPhone X in this phone, something that would mean a secure increase in its price because of the TrueDepth sensor needed for Face ID, and the necessary screen technology to make it possible.

And you, do you think we'll see the iPhone SE 2 in September?

Via | iPhoneHacks 

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