The next revolution of Apple: record video with all the cameras of the iPhone -


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Saturday, 12 May 2018

The next revolution of Apple: record video with all the cameras of the iPhone

Imagine that you could record video with the iPhone X's dual camera - or the Plus models - capturing images from both lenses. Well Apple has already thought of and even has a patent that indicates the software needed to make it happen, recording with telephoto and wide-angle at the same time.

According to the documentation of the US Patent Office - 71 pages - published by Patently Apple , a series of sketches is shown with an unspecified device that looks like an iPad .

By the way, to be an iPad, says a lot of the revolution that Apple has planned for their tablets , which will add notch for the Face ID and as we intuit, double lens.

In one of the sketches, you see that the screen is divided in two, with what looks like a person playing volleyball from two different approaches. While in the upper division you can see a plane that covers the whole scene thanks to the wide angle, in the lower one it shows in detail what the player's serve is like, where the telephoto lens comes into play.

As always, patents simply mean that Apple's R & D department does not stop, either by devising new concepts or by registering exclusive technologies so that the competition does not go ahead, but they do not have to materialize .

The patent explains the various possibilities that would be possible with this function:

"The electronic device has multiple cameras and a visual interface for the user from where to see the information provided by the cameras. The multiple cameras have different properties, as is the focal length. From there, it will be possible for the user to zoom in taking into account each of the images provided by the respective cameras. "

"The user interface also allows simultaneous viewing of content at the same time. In this way, it is possible to zoom, freeze or select one view or the other. The device can store the composition of the images or videos. "

A software capable of processing video in a (almost) professional way

It is clear that, despite the good work of the camera of Google Pixel 2 and its only lens that uses artificial intelligence, multiple cameras have reached the iPhone to stay , so much so that we can not rule out that soon we will see an iPhone with three cameras back

Of course the possibilities are many at a photographic level, in fact they have already seen covers of magazines made with an iPhone and even Steven Soderbergh recorded a movie entirely with Apple's phone , but with the development of this software for the treatment, Apple will set the bar for video editing and effects at a very high level, come on, you can do the same as the mythical Valerio Lazarov with your phone . 

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