The NFC in the iPhone will take off in iOS 12 -


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Saturday, 26 May 2018

The NFC in the iPhone will take off in iOS 12

When many Android devices already enjoyed the advantages of the NFC, Apple was taken as an improvement that could wait. In fact, the current Cupertino devices do carry it, but limited to the use that can be made of it in Apple Pay , the payment system that is taking so much boom.

For those readers that the NFC acronym sounds strange to them, they are not more than the initials of Near Field Comunicaction , and that could be translated as Near Field Communication . allows the interaction of the device with another object to perform an action . When you bring your iPhone or Apple Watch to the datphone to pay at the gas station.

What is to come

And on the other hand, Apple has everything ready for WWDC 2018 , the World Developers Conference that will be held from June 4 to 8 in San Jose, California. It is expected that iOS 12 comes renewed, with more internal improvements than visible and cosmetic. To polish it that they already have in hand is a maximum in Cupertino, and to open the possibilities of the NFC seems like something more than probable.

Apple is associated with some companies to further develop this technology, so that it would be possible to pay on public transport, for example, or open the door of a hotel room with the iPhone or Apple Watch . If we think about the possibility of going directly to the door of your stay without having to go through reception, your mouth becomes watery.

And it does not seem to be something very far, in fact Apple Park employees are already accessing their positions and offices with this system . And everything that is done in those offices ends up having translation to real life in a reasonable period of time. We will know more from that date on the WWDC.

Via | iphonehacks

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