The triple camera of the iPhone 9 will have 3D sensors and improved zoom -


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Tuesday, 29 May 2018

The triple camera of the iPhone 9 will have 3D sensors and improved zoom

As we announced in early May, Apple plans to present at least one iPhone model with a triple camera system in the back of the terminal. It has been rumored that this feature could be present in the iPhone 9, in the iPhone 9 Plus or even in a possible "iPhone X Plus" .

We do not know, for the moment, what nomenclature the iPhones of 2018 will have . But be that as it may, we do know some of the features, functions and features that Apple will integrate into the triple camera of its 2018 iPhone .

Apparently, as indicated by Macrumors , this camera system with triple lens will offer advanced 3D sensors with stereoscopic vision . Two of the sensors will be able to capture images of an object from different angles and a triangulation method will allow to calculate the distance between the iPhone and the object.

What is the stereoscopic vision of the triple camera of the iPhone 9?
We are talking about a vision of two images that, through the brain, are integrated into one. A process that uses binocular vision and stereoscopy . In this way, the human being accommodates each of his eyes to focus correctly on an object. Well, something similar could be incorporated into the triple camera system of the iPhone 9 .

As with the iPhone's TrueDepth system, this rumor suggests that the iPhone 9's 3D sensors will be used for augmented reality purposes. Thus, the triple camera would also be able to create a 3D image for ARKit.

On the other hand, the third camera of the iPhone 9 would also be responsible for improving the zoom functions, with a longer focus length. This will allow the arrival of the 3x optical zoom .

The first manufacturer of smartphones to create a terminal with a triple camera system was Huawei with its Huawei P20 Pro , with 40, 20 and 8 megapixel lenses.

Source | UDN

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