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Tuesday, 29 May 2018

The wish list of iOS 12: What do you ask?

We are a week away from the presentation of iOS 12. The World Developers Conference will be held next Monday and we will finally be able to see all the latest Apple software for this year.

The star of the presentation of Apple will be iOS 12. In addition to presenting the other systems, the iPhone is a very important device for Apple and therefore its operating system is essential . We have been without rumors for some time, but the latest information did not augur great changes .

Even so nobody will take away the illusion to us to see novelties in iOS 12 until Apple present it. For this reason we have prepared a wish list with the characteristics that we hope to see next Monday.

What news we expect from iOS 12?
No doubt every new version of iOS brings great news, but this is what we ask Apple.

User interface
The iOS interface is something that does not usually change. From iOS 7 we do not see a big change . These are our wishes:

More customization A desire always repeated and difficult to fulfill . Apple does not like them to modify their system. Although something tells me that we will continue as we are.

Dark mode . Another wish that we have been asking for for a while. The colors of the iOS menus are very clear . We have already seen how other apps, such as YouTube , incorporate a mode with darker colors. With iOS 11 we have something similar , but it is not the same.

Redesign of the volume . The indicator that appears when we raise or lower the volume takes up a lot of space and hides part of the content . Apple must redesign it to occupy less and be less intrusive.

Split screen mode on the iPhone . The iPhone X increased its screen size and everything indicates that this year we will see a new increase. It would be interesting to see the split screen mode of the iPad also on the iPhone.

Desktop mode In Android several manufacturers include a desktop mode that allows you to connect the device to a monitor or TV to use it as if it were a computer. Although I do not think Apple includes something like that because that's what the Mac is for, but to ask.

Application improvements
Camera The camera application has very simple controls . To change the quality of the video we must do it from adjustments . This should be easier and include more features for the more professional user.

FaceTime One of the great requests of many users, group FaceTime video calls . The rumors have talked about it and hopefully end up coming to iOS 12.

Music The arrival of Apple Music modified the music app completely. With iOS 11 came a redesign that improved things, but Apple must put the batteries and continue to improve their music app in iOS 12 . Many times it is difficult to find certain options.

App Store . With iOS 11 the App Store was completely redesigned and very successful . But on the way Apple left the wish list we had before. This is the only improvement that is missing.

General improvements
Notifications If you receive many notifications, these can become a real hell . Apple should find another method for notifications to be grouped depending on the app or contact.

Control center With iOS 11 when you click on the WiFi or Bluetooth icon in the control center, do not deactivate WiFi or Bluetooth, but only disconnect . This is confusing for users and should go back to how it was before.

Do not disturb . The do not disturb function is very useful, especially at night. But it would be nice to be able to personalize the notifications even more . For example, if you get the WhatsApp of some contact but not all.

Blocking apps Some applications allow you to set a block by Face ID or Touch ID to enter them. But this does not happen with Apple's own as Photos or Messages.

iPhone X
Screen always active . A feature of OLED screens is that they can turn off pixels that are not used . This can be very useful to always have the time on screen, although it can give problems of burning the screen . But something in that sense we could see with iOS 12.

New gestures The gestures of the iPhone X are the best of the best. Users have become very used to them, so it may be time to incorporate new gestures for other actions.

IPhone apps on the iPad . The iPad lacks many of the applications that iOS includes on the iPhone . We do not have apps like Time, Calculator or Health. This is something we do not understand very well.

Artificial Intelligence Siri needs to improve, Google or Alexa have advanced Apple's assistant and in Cupertino they must react. Artificial Intelligence is the future and we are sure to see new developments in this direction. In addition , HomePod needs it .
All these are our wishes for next week. No doubt iOS 12 will include important news , some will not be on this list and others will. We are already anxious to know all the news that Apple has prepared.

And you, what do you ask iOS 12?

Via | MacRumors

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