These apps for iPhone are free just today, what are you waiting to download? -


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Saturday, 12 May 2018

These apps for iPhone are free just today, what are you waiting to download?

The Apple application store, the App Store, surprises us continuously with new applications , some are real gems but have the disadvantage of being paid. That is not a problem! Some of these happen to be free for a limited time.

For that reason, and now that we are in full weekend , we recommend that you take a look at our post and download those that interest you, remember that they are all for iPhone and iPad as long as we do not say otherwise. Do you want to discover what they are? Join us!

Touch & Translate

Languages ​​will not be a problem for you thanks to Touch & Translate, where you can translate any word, no matter how complex its source language. A very necessary application .
Ruler - Rule

Your iPhone or iPad can become a precision measuring element, preventing you from looking in the toolbox. A must have in every rule.
Premium Backgammon

Challenge your opponents through the Game Center with this TOP version of the popular board game. Hours of fun insured, and with some images achieved.
Calendarium: Today

It is not only an astronomical calendar, but an ephemeris notebook that will remind you of the historical events that occurred on the same day , but from years ago. Take advantage of today's discount.

Editing photos is a more common task than we think, and cutting out some of them so that you can paste them into other snapshots often becomes tedious. With Aftercut this task is much easier , download it yes or yes.
SkySafari 6

Now that the skies are approaching the moment they are in full splendor, it is the opportunity to learn more about stars, constellations, celestial elements ... A great way to learn. 

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