These are the incredible prototypes behind Apple's latest releases -


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Tuesday, 8 May 2018

These are the incredible prototypes behind Apple's latest releases

Few brands have to be as implicit in their image the imprint of design as Apple . Although in recent years some people have been critical of the conservatism of models such as the iPhone 7 or the racanez to incorporate only the Touch Bar in the latest MacBook Pro, Apple polishes very well their designs and squeezes them to the fullest. There is more to see the blow of effect occurred after the last keynote, in which the iPhone X came to change everything.

There is no doubt, the iPhone X is the smartphone of the year . It has received the applause of the experts, who have given it the prize for the invention of 2017 according to TIME magazine , it is the best-selling telephone of 2018 and the vast majority of manufacturers copy the notch . They are days of wine and roses for Apple.

But let no one be deceived: this minimalist design takes a lot of work behind, long tests and countless prototypes. Today you will be surprised to discover that concepts such as the iPad had been in the Cupertino barracks for more than 30 years . Nothing is a casuality.

Much of that design that we have internalized today comes thanks to Hartmut Esslinger , who arrived at the apple bitten in 1982 and whose work is still noticeable in current designs . No, what you're going to see today never got to see La Luz, but it helped Apple to take another turn of the screw and reach what you now have in your hands: Mac, iPhone, iPad ...
MacBook Air

This year may see a new MacBook Air more affordable than the previous and although it is lighter and more elegant than this you see, you must know that descends from this.


Apple's most powerful computer also has much coarser origins. Nothing of the current aluminum, but plastic. But look at the shapes and proportions of the Baby Mac that was never presented.


This is the Bashful, a 1982 concept that had been created to integrate with a floppy disk drive, a keyboard and a pen. Saving distances, like the iPad Pro .


It is the flagship product of Apple and the one that has suffered the most modifications . In fact, these prototypes do not look anything like the current iPhone X, or the iPhone 8 or even the original iPhone. Yes, even Apple got carried away by the cover mobile phone. And what about the second prototype? Speechless.

Apple Watch and AirPods

They do not look alike at all. In fact, the good Esslinger must be swollen with pride to see how his early and pioneering headphones and smart watch have become today in the Apple Watch and AirPods, which are the ultimate expression of minimalism .

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