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Sunday, 27 May 2018

These are the premieres of Netflix in June, essential!

Every month Netflix adds new and fantastic audiovisual content to its incredible streaming video platform. We are already finishing the month of May and the premieres of series, films and documentaries of Netflix have already become official for the beginning of the year .

The month that begins next Friday will host very interesting news on Netflix. It is an ideal time to renew the subscription of digital services and enjoy the best series of today . And although the competition is tough, Netflix remains in the lead, it remains to be seen how the integration of this platform with WhatsApp is , as we announced last week.

Netflix releases for June 2018


Line of Duty, day 1.
Third season of iZombie, day
Third season of You, Me and She, day 1.
November 13: attacks in Paris, day 1.
Final first season of Busted !, day 1.
End of season of Sense 8, day 8.
Marvel - Luke Cage, day 22.
Third season of El Tirador, day 22.
Second season of Grow, day 29.
Second season of Paquita Salas, day 29.
Second season of Nailed it !, day 29.
First kiss me, day 29.


They will arrive 100 meters, day 5.
Ghostbusters, day 7.
Public enemies, day 7.
Alex Strangelove and Ali's wedding, day 8.
The illustrious citizen, day 11.
A Traitor like ours, day 15.
How to get rid of your boss, day 15.
Maktub, day 15.
Star Trek: Beyond, day 18.
Black Tide, day 24.
Villaviciosa next door, day 30.

Documentaries and specials

The Story of God With Morgan Freeman (T2), day 1.
Terms and Conditions May Apply, day 1.
Cyberwar Threat, day 1.
In short, day 6 (weekly episodes).
The Staircase day 8.
Recovery Boys, day 29.


The detectives of the Tree House, day 8.
The Hollow, day 8.
The Adventures of Harvey Street, day 15.
Magical Friends, day 15.
True: Wonderful Wishes, day 15.
The Adventures of Tintin, day 15.
The Adventures of the Cat with Boots, day 16.
Vaiana, day 27.

Download Netflix for iPhone and iPad
You can install the official Netflix application for iOS on your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch by clicking on the following download button :


 Instalar Gratis
How to renew your Netflix subscription
There are different methods to renew the Netflix monthly subscription, in this brief tutorial we will explain how to do it from your iPhone or from your iPad.

1. Open the iOS App Store.

2. Access the "Apple ID" button at the bottom.

3. Select the "View Apple ID" option.

4. Enter your credentials or use Touch ID.

5. Click on the "Subscriptions" section.

6. Choose the Netflix option you want.

The Netflix monthly subscription is available in three options : € 7.99 (1 screen), € 10.99 (2 screens) and € 13.99 (4 screens).

Well now that you know the news of Netflix for this next month, it is a good time to sign up and so not miss anything, we already enjoy these contents. We wait for you on the sofa!

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