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Sunday, 27 May 2018

This app hacks the iPhone's dual camera to achieve incredible effects

At the end of 2016, Apple released its first dual-camera phone , the iPhone 7 Plus, which amounts to a full-fledged declaration of intent. And no, they were not the first to do it, those from Cupertino were from gregarious people of other brands who already offered that double lens, such as Alcateli, who took the lead by presenting his Alcatel Flash.

But it is clear that Apple did well and in 2017 already offered both the iPhone 8 Plus and the iPhone X with double lens and attract many consumers to the world of photography. The different lighting modes of the latest models can be improved , although they work correctly on many occasions, remember that it is software processing. And if you like photography, maybe you should keep reading this article, because we bring an app that gives a lot of game, Apollo.

What does Apollo do?

It is nothing more than an editing application, perhaps something different, because it is designed for those devices that have a dual camera. And he plays with the lights, in such a way that he is able to offer us different ways of lighting in order to beautify the photos and attract attention. And believe me you get it, you just have to try and see what is the best option for your taste. If we wanted to make a quick summary, it is like taking a lot of spotlights to change the light.

How is Apollo?
It is valid for devices such as iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 8 Plus or iPhone X , which provide Portrait Mode . This application is just a photo editing in this system, so if you download and do not have a dual lens device will not work.

Your download is not free, has a cost of 2.29 euros , but if you have a little curiosity and you are testing the different lighting options offered, it is more than amortized. And to me, I like photography, I recommend it particularly and if I think about it, it's the money that goes in a coffee with cookies.

the interface
It is quite clean, it is available only in English, but being very intuitive, its operation is simple . When you open it, you will find a sample photos that show you what you can do, and in addition, directly load the ones you have in your application Photos and that are made in Portrait Mode, remember that only works for the double lens.

An interesting option is that you always have the help available, where it explains how the different lighting parameters work , it is activated by default but you can dispense with it easily, which is recommended. To do so, click on the Help option.

Once you have loaded a photograph in Portrait Mode, you have at your disposal the variation of the color of the light, the distance from that source to the object, the brightness or luminosity of it and finally the extension of the focus, that is, how much is concentrated or scatter light. As you can see, there are not many controls, but enough to make your photos something different .

How to work with her?
After doing enough tests, my advice is to let yourself be carried away by your intuition or pleasure. You take the picture, open the app and load the photo. A point will appear, which is the focus of light . You will have to move it as if you did it with a real one until you get the right orientation. And from there, just change the parameters you have at your disposal depending on the effect you want to achieve and simply save the changes, the photo will be saved in the Photos application and the original will be preserved.

The valuation
Honestly, the app does not cheat. The effects that are achieved are very successful, without much artifice and the results are optimal. The examples I give give a good account of what it is capable of doing , convert any photo in Portrait Mode into a practically different snapshot, well composed , yes, and all for just over 2 euros. So you have it as a resource, in addition to the tricks that you should always keep in mind.

As strengths I emphasize the simplicity of it, how powerful it is in terms of results, the good effects it is able to provide and its price, quite affordable for everything it offers. Things to improve, interface in Spanish, although this is not too problematic. For me it is a wonder of application that comes to complement the powerful Portrait Mode and vertical lighting. Could Apple consider complementing it like this?

Are you curious with your photos? Do you give a lot of cane to Portrait Mode? My advice is to download it, it will not disappoint you and you will see that the money invested more than compensates, without hesitation it is a good purchase.

 Apollo: Immersive illumination
Apollo: Immersive illumination
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